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Wood Construction Technology Center
(Centrum Budownictwa Drewnianego)

Is a privately owned company and its goal is to promote wood frame construction in Poland.

CBD has been active since 1996 r. At first the company focused on promotion and introduction of light wood frame construction, the so called "canadian system". Today we are involved in the promotion of all type of construction technologies where wood is used.

In the years 1996-2001 CBS published its own magazine "Light Frame Construction", and additionally in the years 1998-2001 a "Frame Construction Catalogue", which as of 2002 was transformed into a "Wood Construction Catalogue" and is still published.

CBD co-operates with all Polish organisations that are involved with the development of wood construction in Poland i.e.:
- the State Forests,
- Wood Technology Institute,
- Institute of Construction Technology,
- The Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry.

Wood Construction Technology Center co-operates with the Nordic Timber Council and participates, as the Polish representative, in the European programme Building Europe, which promotes use of wood in construction.

Our goal is to develop technical requirements and standards to be used when designing and building a wooden house.

CBD' scope of activity:

Promotion of Wood Construction:
- co-operation with contractors,
- co-operation with building materials manufacturers,
- collaboration with publishing houses,
- publications,
- participation in trade shows.

Training & Education

Technical Advice

Consulting & Quality Audits

Expert evidence

CBD' Programme and Mission:

- development of a long-term programme for the promotion of wood,

- establishment of a "Wooden House Centre" for manufactures of building materials,

- establishment of the "Polish Association of Wooden Home Manufacturers" with the participation of contractors,

- co-operation with the "Construction Village" - http://www.wioska.com

Our goal is to increase the use of wood by:

- change of perception,
- promotion of wood as a building material
- depiction of new wood markets.

Member of:

- The Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry,
- Polish Association of Construction Mycology,
- Association of Wooden Home Manufacturers,


Wood Construction Technology Center
ul. Mostowa 1
80-778 Gdańsk

Telefon, faks

tel. 058 301 68 51
fax. 058 305 57 22

Poczta elektroniczna


"We found Poland in brick, but we will leave it wooden"


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